The Cheers for Ears Living Wall

Mural and Artwork by Chris Nixon, video produced by Brandon D'Silva at Blaq Magic Innovations.
Music produced by Giorgio Bano and Q-Bik.


Epic Ear Defence
Cheers for Ears has launched “Epic Ear Defence” a fun and educational game developed in partnership between the School of Information Technology, Murdoch University and Ear Science Institute Australia to teach young children the dangers of prolonged exposure to loud noise.
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Safe and Sound

Download the SafeAndSound app for your Android personal music player and monitor your sound level exposure.
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Imagine a World Without Hearing

How important are our ears? Without them, you wouldn’t be able to hear your friends speak, or listen to your favourite music. Hearing is one of our most important senses, so it’s important we look after it.

We can hurt our ears in so many ways without even knowing we are doing permanent damage. Simple things like listening to sounds we enjoy like music from our iPod or personal music player can do damage if not done carefully.  Find out more about noise induced hearing loss.

Hearing damage cannot be reversed.   Hearing loss is not just something older people get.

Cheers for Ears (CfE) is an award winning, interactive education session held in the classroom.  It involves  -

  • A computerised hearing loss simulator
  • Videos to show how the ear works
  • A sound level meter measuring the decibel level of a personal music player, and
  • Lots of fun!

More than 30,000 students from over 280 schools have already participated. Find out more about how the CfE  program can involve you.

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